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Standing Out From the Crowd

Standing Out From the Crowd

Today’s rental market is extremely competitive, and many properties can have multiple sets of tenants trying to rent the same property. So how do you stand above the crowd?

When viewing a property to rent this can be one of the first times your landlord or agent will meet you, think of it as an interview, first impressions absolutely count.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are in the best position to secure the home you are looking for.

Communicate clearly

Always introduce yourself to the person showing you around, smile and ask questions, build up a rapport, by having a friendly approach your property manager or landlord will see you are easy to deal with. Be genuine, property managers work with people all day so will more than likely know if you try and sell stories that are not true.

Dress smartly

You wouldn’t be expected to put on a shirt and tie but make an effort, how you look after yourself can show how you will potentially look after the property.

Don’t worry if you are coming straight from work, it’s good for the property manager to see you are working however if you have muddy boots or shoes on, take them off!

With regards to taking off shoes etc. take the lead from whoever is showing you around, if they removed theirs remove yours, as a minimum wipe your feet, I know it may sound obvious, but you would be amazed at how many potential tenants tread mud through a house!

Kids or no kids!

This is a very emotive subject, taking well behaved polite children to a viewing can be a plus however taking loud, excitable and unruly kids that run around the property is a definite no, people don’t want to imagine finger prints all of the walls or kitchen cupboards being swung on, if that’s your children, leave them at home.

Be on time

This can be a real stress for property managers managing multiple viewings and time slots, they probably have other appointments after you so please be on time, they will understand things happen, unexpected traffic etc. however if you are going to be 5 or 10 minutes late, a simple phone call is a common courtesy and will keep everyone happy.

Demanding divas

Don’t be over demanding and critical at a viewing, remember, if this is a landlord it could have been their home. The last thing property managers want to hear throughout a viewing is “this needs painting”, “this needs changing”, “will we get new carpets” etc. It is critical you appear reasonable not demanding.

That doesn’t mean you should accept anything substandard or not be honest about how you would like the property, just think about your tone and how you ask for those things, a smile goes a long way to making people more obliging to your requests.

And finally, don’t hang around, make sure you express your interest as soon as you can, properties are let so quickly you could miss out by waiting.